Peyronie’s Disease Treatment for Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY & Surrounding Areas

Peyronie's disease is the accumulation of scar tissue within the penis which builds up plaque leading to a curved or bent shaped penis. Injuries to the penis can result from accidents due to sex, playing sports or other physical injuries to the penis area. Dealing with Peyronie's disease may seem embarrassing or uncomfortable but it is not! Many men suffer from this condition.

Whether you are coming from Elizabethtown, KY, Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY, Evansville, IN, Lexington, KY or the surrounding communities our team can treat your Peyronie's disease!

Factors Associated With Peyronie's Disease

There are many factors associated with Peyronie's disease and how it can affect your life. If you are suffering from some of these issues contact our clinic to talk to one of our specialists.
  • Penis Becomes Curved/Bent
  • Penis Becomes Shorter
  • Lumps in the penis
  • Painful or Soft Erections
  • Trouble Having Sex Due to a Curved/Bent Penis
Peyronie’s Disease Elizabethtown, KY & Louisville, KY

Phases of Peyronie's diseasE

There are two phases of Peyronie's disease which are acute (active) and chronic (stable). These conditions can determine how fast the disease can progress if not treated immediately.

Acute (Active) Phase of Peyronie's Disease
This phase of the disease the most due to plaque forming rapidly causing the curvature of the penis to change shape and possible painful erections
Chronic (Stable) of Peyronie's Disease
The stable or chronic phase of the disease the penis usually occurs 12 to 18 months after the active phase has occurred. At this point the disease may or may not progress and become worse. Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction at this phase as well.
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